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RNY Gastric Bypass Almost a month post op and still feeling blue :o


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So in the first 2 weeks I was blue from pain, uncomfortableness, gas, and constantly missing dinner. Im almost a month post op I returned to work, back to doing household chores and I walk 6 miles 3 times a week and bike 5 miles one day a week. I drink PLENTY of fluids although water just makes me want to vomit I am so sick of that but I have started to like vegetable juice and fat free milk and unsweetened iced tea. Fruit juices and sugar free zero calories don't taste right. I try doing a puree diet but I can't handle it and wind up throwing up so I stock to freeze pops, soup and drink fluid. Problem is I have only lost about 9lbs. Everyone I have talked to has had more like 20lbs weight loss in the first month. I am 4 days away from my month and I am sure I won't loose the additional 11lbs. Has anyone else expierenced a slow weight loss start? Between that and throwing up im still feeling like surgery was a mistake :( help me not be so blue!


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I'm sorry you are feeling so down about your surgery right now. I think the reason for your slow weight loss is simply that you are not managing to "eat" enough, certainly not enough to sustain all that exercise you are doing.

I know it can be really hard in the early days as you will undoubtedly compare yourself to others, and it can be tempting to eat easy foods as what we are meant to eat can leave us feeling uncomfortable but its a steep learning curve.

I hope in time you come to love your surgery, as most of us here do. Keep posting for support x


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Isn't it a little bit too soon to be taking bike rides? Are you pushing yourself a little too much? You are still healing inside and you may be doing yourself harm. There is nothing wrong with walking but I think that riding your bike so much so soon after surgery might not be a good idea.
If you are eating what is set out on your plan by your bariatric team and drinking enough fluids then you should lose weight. Sometimes when your body is trying to heal it can cause you to retain or gain a few pounds.
I wouldn't worry too much about it yet, wait another couple of weeks, be kind to yourself and try to overcome your sickness when eating pureed food so that you can stick to the food plan. Just have tiny amounts at a time, lots of times a day.
Be safe and take care.
Lynne x