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Angry newbie, hoping for some help


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I am based in Northern Ireland and found out today there is no funding for any bariatric surgery.

This is despite my GP,endocrinologist, dietation and pshcyologist, recommending me for it.
I hadn't heard anything since my request was put forward in February. I finally got through to his secretary today who told me that there was no NHS funding available but that he did do it privately in the hospital across the road.

I feel like I have been punched in the stomach, I've been in tears all day and have threw up I'm so upset.

I don't know what to do now. What would you do?

About me, I was a fit active person, doing triathlons, marathons until I had a serious skiing accident back in 2000, it left me with the ligaments all torn in my right knee, tears on my discs on L3 and L4, I also suffered a DVT and PE. I was immobile for over a year and put onto a lot of different pain medication. I was left unable to exercise never mind barely walk. I lost a daughter in 2001 due to another PE and was then tested and told I had Factor V Leiden. I suffered severe depression and was put onto more tablets. Inside 2 years I went from an active size 12/14, 12st 5lbs and 5ft 8in, to a size 22 and 19 stone. I suffered a further PE in 2003, then I was told I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and put onto more medication.

During all this time I tried weight watchers, slimming world, weight clinic with my GP, I also tried xenical and a few other drugs to try and help me shift the weight. I ended up another 2 stone and 2 dress sizes bigger. I got pregnant again in 2005 and during my pregnancy I lost 3 stone due to being severally ill with gallstones.

I got pregnant again in October 2006 and this time I put the 3 stone on again. Afterwards I kept food diaries whilst doing slimming world and lived with my parents, we ate exactly the same and they went onto loose 3 and 4 stone respectively. I asked my GP for help, she went through my diaries and told me it was a basic maths problem, on the slimming world diet i was actually eating more than I normally did, but because I was practically immobile that I wasn't burning any extra calories off. I was then diagnosed with diabetes and put onto metformin, with the cocktail of drugs my weight just ballooned. I became more immobile and in june 2010 I fell again and damaged my knee again and my tailbone. I became housebound. My weight hit 25 stone and a size 32, immobile.

My next door neighbour also a size 30/32 told me she had been put forward by her GP to professor McCance for a gastric bypass, she had her surgery done in Birmingham in April 2011, I asked my GP for a referral to professor mcCance and I saw him in June 2012, he said I was an excellent patient for the surgery because it would help so many of my health issues. He made appointments for me to see a dietician and a psychologist and then a surgeon. I was recommended by both as a perfect candidate for the surgery.

I didn't hear anything else as I waited patiently for the surgeons appointment. I rang and spoke to professor McCance's secretary in April 2013 asking what was happening, she told me the report and letter asking for an extra contractual referral was sent in February 2013, she gave me Dr Kennedy's secretary's number to follow it up. I tried daily an finally got through to her today, she told me that there was no funding and a letter would be sent to my GP with the outcome. She did said that Mr Kennedy did do bariatric surgery privately in the private hospital across the road if that was of any help!

I feel very let down by the NHS today, my lifeline and chance for an active life, a life where I can walk my kids into there class rooms, or kneel by their bed and read to them was just taken away from me without a second thought. This Doctor Kennedy knows nothing of what I have survived in the last 13 years, he knows nothing of my life and the life I lost or the life I strive to have. What can I do, have you any advice.


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Hi and welcome!

Sorry to hear your news but don't take their word for it, do some research.

You know someone who has had WLS so they must fund it?

Let google be your friend and don't give up xx


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Hi hun, welcome to the forum. You must feel so let down and to be honest I don't know what I would do. Please research - maybe they are wrong! x


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I agree. Check out what the guidelines are and if it doesn't exist start saving. Hope it works out for you x