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any one had heart surgery after bypass


hi don't post much , i had my bypass in November 13 . Prior to this I was very ill and failed my anaesthetics . I have aortic sternosis ( heart valve disease ) I saw a cardiac surgeon who recommended wls first . Well it's been an amazing journey and I'm very happy as I reached my target and have a BMI of 24.5 ,it was50 . I was advices that wls would get rid of most of my health problems sleep apnoea , high blood pressure , asthma . But wouldn't be able to help with my heart . Any way I'm in a much better shape . But has any one had heart surgery after wls ? I just been told that I will need open heart surgery in the next four months


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Well done and all the best! My dad had a heart bypass 10 yrs ago aged 55, not after WLS though, I believe it's a much better operation now as they don't open your leg up. My dad recovered very well and was never a picture of health before! Good luck x


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From a clinical perspective it's two entirely different operations . Most cardiac surgery candidates are in a high risk group for anaesthesia, now you are at a healthy weight that risk will have considerably reduced. The surgeon will be aware of the WLS and will take that into consideration when he operates, but in all honesty I don't think it's a massive factor. So you will have had WLS and had your ticket fixed, there will be no stopping you then! You will be fitter than you have ever been. Good luck!


I'm now 6 weeks post op and I have to say this has been tough . I bleed post op and was taken back to Theatre to be reopened . Because I have a mechanical valve ( also had a cardiac bypass) I have to be on Warfin for life , I have to be on higher levels of blood clotting inr due to the mechanical heart valve This has been really difficult with my gastric bypass and I have been re admitted for 5 days as it was too low ( risk of having blood clots on the valve ) too high risk of internal bleeding . My blood levels having been swinging up and down the scale all the time . I keep saying I have had a gastric bypass , but the Warfin clinic said its ok as they had one other person on Warfin who had a bypass. What they didn't tell me until after my admission was they have never had any one with a gastric bypass and a mechanical valve . They also looked at my vitamins I have forcval ps by GP and when we both read it seems it does not contain vitamin K !!!!!!! Now being referred back to dietitian ,