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April 2014 Surgeries


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Lost 7in off my waist in two months.
Wait loss is 1-2lb at moment but I go with theory a loss is loss! I also find if I don't eat enough I don't lose, I'm trying hard to find that sweet spot where my body is at fat burning mode (I do exercise 3-4 times a week, cycling and aerobics)
My body is stubborn it doesn't want to let go of my fat cells!

My boobies are going at a fast pace too!
Down 2 cup sizes and they are like deflated balloons facing south!
I always use palmers twice a day but I'm thinking of trying a firming cream.


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How are you getting on April peeps?

I'm really struggling with exhaustion, the last few days have been really, really tough.

I have been taking all of my supplements and 40 - 60g of protein a day and between 800 to 1000 calories.

I just have no energy I'm completely flat I need afternoon naps and I feel the worst I have throughout this whole process so far. I've still been going to gym etc but it's getting tougher and tougher each time and today I just couldn't do it so went for a big walk instead then had to snooze for 2 hours. I'm 31 but feel like a proper old lady.

Just wondering if anyone is feeling the same or has gone through a really exhausted period?

I have GP tomorrow to get full bloods done.



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how we all doing april oppers all well and good i hope im doing good no issues yet apart from that damn constipation and a bad back

Big Dave D

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I'm doing okay - I seem to swing from constipation to diarrhoea and back again, never a happy medium. Apart from that, I'm all good.

Has a few weird tummy-rumblings in the last few days and some back pain, which I've not really had before. I like to think it's my spine decompressing as I'm getting lighter, but I doubt it....


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I've finally been diagnosed with a diverticulum in my esophagus which is hopefully being repaired as a day stay on 12 September and then no more throwing up, finger's crossed!

I've hit my first week stall so trying to shake things up a bit to get the loss moving again although I think being a daily weigher and slave to the scales isn't helping. Dropped 5 stone so far which makes me half way there...

Just had my first celery post op was told it wouldn't agree with me but so far so good.

I'm somehow managing a regular poo everyday...! God knows how. Since I quit lactose first been pretty regular.

Life is plodding along, my surgery honeymoon glow is fading and it's just my life now!

Ohhh also started taking feroglobin iron capsules 2 weeks ago and can't believe the improvement, feel like I'm on speed! So much more energy, bouncing off the walls.


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i would love to go the loo more than once a fortnight gp has tried everything nothing works so who knows what the next step is

had my first stall last weekend

dave my back is years old problem but i have heard it can be realigning also in people who have big losses a friend had that happen

have my first check up post op in september will be 5 months out then


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Officially 6 months post op, how time flies!
5st loss with 14ins off waist.
I enjoy waking up every morning and I am now starting to love every aspect of me!
It's still a rocky road, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. There's good days and bad but I have a fantastic tool in place that's helps to bring me back when I'm off track.
I love my sleeve. X


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Fab loss canjam I'm officially six months on Thursday will try get some figures posted then


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well i am 6 months post op tomorrow i wasnt weighed on the op day so the nearest official weight i have was from pre op assessment on the 31st march 16 days prior top op day so will use that date which makes me 6st 8lb down so far i have no regrets about the surgery and have had an easy time not even feeling like i had surgery i would do it again in a heartbeat i have a life again i am able to walk for miles and run about with the grandbabies i am loving life

how are all the other april oppers doing now all good i hope be nice to hear how everyone is doing 6 months on


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Amazing loss Princess! It sounds like it's been a smooth transition for you and you've embraced it!

I was 6 months out last week and have lost 6 stone 2lb so not too far behind you. I'm finding it hard to stay focused as life is picking up pace again with lots of change going on.

Biggest things I've noticed... People treat me differently, not just strangers but also friends and family. Sometimes it's good but other times I just want to scream I'M STILL THE SAME PERSON IN HERE. I'm especially noticing it with men but that's a whole other story!

Broke up with my emotionally abusive ex last week. I feel free but it's also a bit overwhelming. I'll get there. My sister has been on whatsapp from New Zealand every single day and is my biggest cheerleader.

Still struggling with food and throwing up etc...basically on sloppy/soft solids like what an older person would eat. Casseroles, soup, etc each meal is like something my Nana would like. The throwing up is less regular now but things still get stuck in my kinks.

I've had skeletal pain last few weeks can only assume it's my body realigning and adjusting. Have started doing back exercises at the gym to try and strengthen up but find I have lost a lot of muscle, I'm much weaker than I was pre op.

And finally despite not having it at all I have finally been dealt constipation and it is horrific. I'm drinking lactulose by the bottle to keep it all moving.