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BMI 32 which company to use?


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Hi all I'm a new one. I have a BMI of 32 I would like to know if anyone knows of any companies that would do a wrap for me? Uk or abroad. Please help. :confused:
I havent had surgery yet but there is a company with a very high reputation that is based in Bruges, Belgium. I am considering going to them because they work with the best surgeon in Europe and is recognised world wide. Price is reasonable.

Why are you choosing a wrap if you dont mind me asking? Personally Im more of a sleeve kind girl.


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I would say that pretty much all companies have a good reputation!?

I'm afraid your going to have to get onto google, then get contacting people direct to get your answers.

Good luck with your research.


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I am desperately trying to find somewhere in Spain (I live in the Balearics) where I can look to have a gastric wrap, I have been searching the net for weeks now and coming up with nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction without the obvious 'recommend?

I would be really grateful for any help.


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I have a BMI of 32 as well and am having a sleeve. I've had two yes consultations so far - one in Belgium and one in the UK. Have my third consultation tomorrow in London and this is the company I really want to go with. I've been told on all occasions, that although my BMI is 32 now, because of my weight history, (highest BMI was 43 and lowest 23), I'm a good candidate for the sleeve. Good luck and really it is just a case of calling/ emailing all the providers that you're intersted in.


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If you google Gastric Plication, you'll get good info.

It's where they wrap the stomach over and stitch to reduce the size, but nothing is removed. Potentially it's reversible.