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Bouillabaisse (French Fish Stew)


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I made a lovely stew last night which was easy & tasty so here it is:

3-4 Fish Fillets (I used cod but any firm fish will do, salmon would be good I would think)
250g Small cooked prawns
2 Leeks diced
2 Parsnips diced
2 Sweet potatoe diced
1 Swede diced
3 Carrot diced
1 Can cherry tomatoes roughly chopped
2 Fish stock cubes (or chicken which is what I used)
1 Can of cream of mushroom soup
1 tsp Thyme dried
1 tsp Parsley dried
1 tsp Sea salt
1/2 tsp Ground black pepper
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp Tumeric or saffron
1/2 tbsp Garlic diced
1-2 tsp Dunn's River Carribean Seasoning (add more to make it spicy)
1 tbsp Olive Oil or use oil spray

Combine the fish cut into chunks w/lemon juice, oil, leeks & garlic in a pan and saute for several mintues until fish is cooked. Save the mixture to one side, including any liquid.

In a large stock pot add fish stock cubes and 2-3 cups of water until it reaches a boil. Turn down the heat and add all the vegtables and spices. Let the mixture simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the veggies are softened.

Add the cooked fish to the veg. Then add the cream of mushroom soup, combine thoroughly. Let simmer together for a few minutes. Add the cooked prawns about 5 minutes before you want to serve the stew.

To make the stew richer, you can add a little white wine while cooking the fish. Also, for a thicker base, you can add a little instant mashed potatoes to the fish stock. Enjoy!



Joy's the best makeup :-)
OMG this sounds so delicious why am I on pre-op this is what I want right now....slimfast or yummy fish soup :cry::cry:Hmmmmmm...I guess slimfast as that way I can have the band fitted in 10 days then eat soup in about a months time...I will be cooking this it sounds so so yummy
Thanks for posting it


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Sounds delish but i know I would be the only one who would it.
Hope you enjoyed it