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bypass booked 26yr old band revision needing support xxxx


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Hello all

Not sure if people remember me, i had a band 2011, recieved ALOT of support from you guys :D lost 5 stones originally. Then i went from private to NHS aftercare, i couldnt get to grips with not having a tight band, and the father of my child left me :cry:, i never really addressed my emotional eating disorder too, im a bit of a binger tbh. Old habbits slipped in with unhappiness and depression, basically now 3 stone heavier than when i had the band in. Currently just under 21 stones.

So single mum, and full time social work student is giving it a bash again :eek: looking for the same support. U guys r amazing!! :rolleyes:

Bypass booked using all my student finance and money i cant afford :rolleyes: to get this opp done. Been through NHS they will remove band but wont do bypass unless i do a individual funding request, which they wont ive tried. So never mind, its just paper if i manage to get healthy and happy for me and my boy, its worth more than gold in my opinion.

Very very very very scarred tho :( and unsure, been tooing and frowing between bypass/sleeve, still not really sure, just want to get on with it asap tbh. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Im also only 26 years old, and already at revision stage :eek: cant wait to have this band out tho, constant acid, shooting pains in my port. deffo had enough.

Booked for 28th April, with The Hospital Group, Leeds Nuffield, under Mr James Halstead :D

bring it on xxx

los in it

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Hello becky
sorry to hear of your life changes I know you will get the support your looking for , very good luck with everything
things can only get better from now on


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Hi..i had Mr Halstead he is very good. I think you have made a postive decision, I wish I had done it 10 years ago when I was 26 instead of spending 10 years bouncing up and down and fighting my weight.
Good luck with everything x


Good luck, hope all will be fine and you will get back your life a new start and never look back.


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Well you are post op really, I think there is a revisions section but can't remember.


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Good lick with things, I had a band in 2007 then it was removed 2009 as it had slipped. Had a gastric bypass 6 weeks ago I'm finding it much easier to live with than the band (early days I know) so pleased I did it x


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Good to know you are finding it easier than the band. Due to have a revision to a mini bypass in June.