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Couch potato to 5K


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Thanks Kirsty! Still not sure about running. Not done anything for two weeks because of fatigue and work pressure but going on holiday now for a week and will try again when I've rested. Looking forward to lots of walking too :0)

Hope all is well with you pippa and slimsuz


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Thanks Kirsty! Still not sure about running. Not done anything for two weeks because of fatigue and work pressure but going on holiday now for a week and will try again when I've rested. Looking forward to lots of walking too :0) Hope all is well with you pippa and slimsuz
. Thanks! Am still laid up with a prolapsed disc, but today there seems to be a little improvement :). Hope that means it's on the mend and I can get walking as I have hit a stall with the weight loss. Have a wonderful holiday, really hope you enjoy it and update us soon! Xxx
Hi Everyone
I haven't run for 2 weeks either more due to lack of opportunity really. Problem is I've lost the momentum now. Might have to go back a week. And make myself get up on Saturday morning.

Otherwise I'm fine. Sorry to hear you're struggling with tiredness Maggy. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.


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Hi girls. How are you all doing on the exercise front?

How's the weight loss and your energy levels?

Hope your all doing good xxxx


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Hey Kirsty. I've been offline for a week because, would you believe it, I killed my phone while running. Lol. Water bottle and phone in same pocket. Not sensible. Anyway I have the replacement now.

Was really surprised when I started back after two and a half weeks that I hadn't lost any ground on the running. I just picked up where I left off and have improved in the last three runs. Amazing! Though I have very sore legs. We were away and did some quite long walks up and down sand dunes in between running. Even hubby has the bug and is out at the gym while I rest my aching muscles. :0)

Hope you're doing ok Pippa. Even if you haven't managed to get back to running it might be worth trying :0)
Hi Maggy so good to have you back! I did start running again last week and like you was pleasantly surprised not to have to go back a week. Ran again this Saturday despite having tonsillitis earlier in the week and managed to do five minutes at a time. Losses continue at a surprising rate (have lost 43lbs since day of surgery, 55lbs in total) and am almost into a size 14 jeans (comfortably in size 14 with skirts if they have a stretchy waist). Am buying clothes in charity shops for the first time ever which is saving a fortune as I go rapidly down the sizes. I can eat pretty much anything though am suffering with heartburn. Started taking ranitidine today which seems to have helped. Trotting around in high heeled boots and feeling 10 years younger!

Haven't suffered with fatigue at all but I think I may be eating more calories than some (around 1000-1100 a day) and am not denying myself anything. Just everything in moderation is my motto from now on! I'm glad to hear that you're finally sorting out your tiredness issues- it's often a slow process to work out what you might be deficient in.

The big test will be if I hit a low mood but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I'm just enjoying the new me!

Hope you manage to keep running. Keep us posted!


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Hey Pippa! We're still twins :0) I be been doing 5 min runs too. Am absolutely gobsmacked that I can do this. I'm staring a new training style today as the start of my training for the 10k at the end of May. This one calls for regular walk breaks to avoid injury. Apparently it's especially good for older runners. At 50 I think I qualify! :0)

Congrats on such a great Loss!!! I'm not twinning with you there - about 10lb behind you. But that's ok.


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Pippa a lovely uplifting post glad you are feeling so good about yourself xxx

Well done on getting back into the running girls xx
Thanks Kirsty I've been reading your diary thread and it sounds like you're having a fab time. I love America but haven't been for many years. A third child put a stop to any jet setting ways!! Have just booked a trip to Disneyland Paris in May. Wanted to go before my little one was too old to be enchanted by it and now I'm going to fit on the rides!!


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Hi there, just thought I'd check in after a long absence. I sort of lost it with the whole diet thing and took a bit of a break. Work stress on top of awful fatigue led me to the usual comforts. I must have eaten kilos and kilos of chocolate in the last month. Not sure I'm really back on track yet but I'm trying. Hence being back here. Luckily the one thing that hasn't stopped is the exercise. I haven't been able to do my goal of three runs every week but I have managed to mostly do at least one or two. I've moved over to the Jeff Galloway run/walk version (another Mr Galloway, Kirsty!) and finding that much more doable on these old knees. Now I run For 4 mins and walk for 1 min, 6 times. With a 3 min warm up and cool down. I've been using the treadmill at the gym but am contemplating a run in the fresh air today or tomorrow to see how far I can actually run/walk. I'm still signed up for the 10k with the kids but have told them I'm taking the pressure off myself so I may do it but am not going to beat myself up if I can't. One really great thing about this running lark is that I haven't put on any weight at all despite my chocolate fest. Unbelievably I even lost a pound over the last month. Now if I could only run every day then I'd be able to eat as much chocolate as I like ;0)

Hope you're doing well Pippa. And Kirsty, good to hear you're trying the couch to 5k again. Good luck!! Xx


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5 mins runs OMG i hope i can go back and do that i missed me running good nike trainers and just feel the wind :D well done so chuffed over the moon for you


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Will check out that Jeff Galloway bus it an app?

Well done you superwoman

Great you have not gained. That is the main reason I want to run as it will let me eat a bit more
Just wrote a long reply Maggy but it crashed. Really glad to hear from my twin. I am also struggling to run 3 times a week but managing at least once. Week 5 day 2 is defeating me at the moment as I can run for 8 minutes once but not twice! The 5k still seems an impossibility but I'm enjoying trying!


Hi girls
I've only just seen this thread, I'm currently on week 8 day 1 straight 28min run on Monday, currently only done 25mins and that was a killer x
Finally managed week 5 day 2 on my third attempt! Had my first gain this week! I'm blaming Easter, my birthday and going to my mothers (nothing to do with my seriously bad food choices of course!). Back on the wagon today.