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Does the removal of ghrelin really work??


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hi everyone

I am looking to have a gastric sleeve but want to know how effective the removal of ghrelin is. I just can't imagine not being as hungry or having a suppressed appetite. Can anyone share their personal experiences?


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I have found it effective in removing food hunger, and taste changes, but it is likely you will still suffer with 'head hunger' - comfort eating, and you have to learn to tell the difference and find ways to deal with that.


To an extent it does, and definitely at the start. I don't get hungry between meals anymore, so barely snack, but if dinner is late I will get hungry. But the main thing thats worked for me is being full on much smaller portions x


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I only had my op 5 weeks ago, but I haven't felt hungry once. But if I don't eat enough I get lightheaded, so I eat every 4 or 5 hours - about a ramekin of food.