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Fed up...


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I am sure we all try and keep up...but it is so hard sometimes, I am just fed up with being the fat girl!

I feel I work twice as hard as a lot of people at work to ensure I don't get the 'lazy label' yet for some it's never enough and they always want just that bit more. They always expect me to be the one to have my lunch break cut short if we're busy as I have 'clearly had enough to eat' ! I will always be the one to stay late or work christmas as I don't have children.

I am sick of always going out in a black 'circus tent' and being told I have a lovely face!! That is such a lame way of saying ohhhh your body is so fat!

Rant Rant Rant....sorry to bring negativity to the site, but I am just feeling fed up today and wish I would be given a date for my surgery! :wave_cry: and start my life in the 'health lane' again! On a more positive note Merry Christmas everyone! x


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Yep and its not nice to have 2 kids shout fatty at you as you get into a swimming pool :(
I will ring Thursday t see if i have a date yet as they meet tomorrow feels like soooo long.


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awww bless ya, we all feel this way at times so dont worry about venting on here, thats what we're here for :) im fed up with being the fat one in a tent too :( you'll feel ok again soon honey, coz thats what we do :) xxx


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i agree with caron, hope you hear soon love,
you take care now. xxxx

and flowerof shona what a horrible thing to happen
i bet you whished the ground would swollow you up
some kids grrrrr.


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aww ladies i really understand it makes you wanna hide indoors ,its hard to be positive as the waiting part is the killer but try thinking you are gona emerge even more beautiful few months after your ops ,and most of the idiots issuing the insults have more of their own insecurties then us at least we can admit were over weight gl xxxx
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Hey us fat girls and former fatties make tents look good. I've seen some right skinny minnie's and thought wtf do you look like.

Don't let em grind you down sweets, your turn is coming and believe me, the thinner you aint taking no ****! Smile this could be your last fat xmas xxx


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I got really excited when I got home from work to find my post, one was from "kings" in the excitement I ripped it open...to find it's a bloody invite to hear about their charity!! Ohh Liesa I hope you don't have the same ! xx
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Not sure why most people treat us fatties like this :mad::mad: I know they would not be like it with an anorexic person. Chin up, sweetie, you will have the last laugh when you are slimmer & brimming with confidence ... same for you Dawn ... you can duck those kids with my blessing :eek: just don't get arrested, lol. Hope you get your date very soon, mwah xxx :):)