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Fill tomorrow

I have lost 13lb in five weeks since my op
I am disappointed I have lost nothing this week
I am having my first fill tomorrow this is early due to me flying to the USA on the 20th
I hope this gives me some restriction as at the moment I have none
I can eat quite large portions for meals and can almost eat any foods, this is quite worrying
Will they inform me of how much they will put in, how do they decide the ammount and is there an average size of first fill


Staff member

Well done on your loss so far and good luck with your fill tomorrow.

It varies really what the first fill size is, depends on the size of your band and if you had any in it during the op.

I know you say you can eat large portions and that you can eat almost anything but its best to get into good eating habbits now rather than getting used to pushing the boundaries with your band. Easier said than done I know but it really is key.

Maz x


New Member

Well it sounds like you are making a great start with your eating habits and the rest will come it just takes time. It may take a few fills to get you where you want to be (I have had a lot) but each one makes a difference and you are learning along the way. I was totally frustrated with the speed of things at first and am only now 9 months down the line starting to appreciate my band.

Hope your fill gives you some restriction and you start to see some results.

Leesh x