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first really bad experience @17 months


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I have had such an easy ride so far and have been able to eat most things without any I'll effect. I have never even really dumped before other than needing to lie down if I have eating anything sugary but today it totally took me by surprise, I had a hard boiled egg on half a slice of German rye bread and within 10 minutes I felt like I had a tennis ball under my sternum which was so sore to the point where I got all sweaty, sicky and all shaky! was super awkward as I in the middle of a clinic at work and had loads of patients to see (and a brand new student!). I managed to finish up with my current patient and luckily my next one was late so I went to the loo to be sick and just had to lie down in the bathroom! took about 45 min to go. I have never felt anything like it before and I had this lunch many times before...
is it normal to have random attacks like this?


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I have had it twice randomly, with foods I thought were fine. I hope you're okay now hon..


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thank you Yvessa for your reply. it's really not nice when thIs happens but it has made me so appreciative that this has only happened once when I know many people has it every meal. I will certainly be careful next time and chew chew chew my rye bread x


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I've had this happen quite a few times. Went to a carvery the other day and even though I got a small kids portion I must of eaten it too fast. I ended up throwing up in the car park! very embarrassing. I had to go home to bed. It shocked me to be this far out and still making silly mistakes but at least you know your tool is still there working for you :)


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that's right Shelley I have never had anything like it and certainly didn't think I would start this far out. as I was really busy I was eating and working so it properly went down quicker than if I had paid attention to what I was doing!
I am only 7 weeks post op but have dumped several times already on some very random (not high fat or sugar) things but am starting to think it does have an effect if I eat too fast.

I must admit I did laugh when you said about lying on the bathroom floor as I had to do that at a friends house a while back as felt so poorly ! There I was flat out on the tiles with her knocking on the door asking me if I was OK !! :)

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I find this happens to me if I eat something too hot.

I did have a 'turn' at a Chinese buffet a few weeks back - I think I may have misread the labels - and had to sit outside on the kerb for 30 mins or so with the drunks!!


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The most I get as fqr as dumping is a queasy feeling and sudden sleepiness. EXCEPT about 4 weeks ago when I was very stupid. I was on a night shift and had a small slice of cake, which would have been fine. But stupid here forgot and had a cup of coffee and 10 mins later. Omg, sweating, foaming at the mouth, palpitations, ended up lying down in the toilet. Not a pretty sight, especially in front of a ward full of patients. Wont be doing that again in a hurry.


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Well girls what can I say My 2 yrs was up in August this year and yet I still get a hot flush when I eta any food or hot drink. Certain foods if eaten too much of give me a visual disturbance, I have stopped eating Weetabix it is one of the worst for me. On Sunday my sister in law gave me a small sweet mince pie I ate it slowly but just like you experienced stuck that's how it felt, sickly feeling, tried 3 times to be sick nothing wouldn't come up n wouldn't go down. Had to drink tea to try and push It through felt very unwell, sickly, shaky, just unwell for a n hour then rest of the night like I said just drank hot tea to dissolve it and push it down through the body. Sometimes there is no rhyme and reason to why this happens sometimes wonder if something inside kinks as a reaction and stays there until it relaxes and lets the food through if you are not sick. I think some of us must have different lengths from mouth to pouch. Some ar esick easily I have always said I am too greedy to be sick and its still the same. We can follow all the rules but sometimes I am afraid things like this do happen, sometimes also it leaves you feeling a little sore inside. Hope you ok now. Just keep on plodding xxx


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ive been suffering with early dumping syndrome on and off for the past five days and it kills me gonna have to seriously make some more changes from tomorrow