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forceval soluble


Post op Sleever
Does the soluble forceval make anyone else want to vomit after drinking? The smell really turns my stomach but till the tablets are available again I can't see why choice I have.


I've been taking soluble Forceval for a few months now and have to confess that I quite like it, sorry!


Post op Sleever
Thats really supportive thx! ;)
(lol I'm kidding!)

Fading Grace

Fading Away
I don't actually vomit but I hate them with a passion. In fact I've stopped taking them daily, I just can't cope with them. I'll start with them again soon, but for now I just need a break from them

Paula Garner

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I've bought asda a-z while I can't get Forceval capsules. The dietician recommended them as an alternative to Forceval, as I can't stomach the soluble ones anymore.


Post op Sleever
Hey Paula, think I may have to buy an alternative too cos I'm not taking these. I hope the pills are nicer and back in production soon. X


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I've been taking Centrum Advance 50+ but am now thinking that I'll buy Asda's own. What are they called?

Btw I hate any soluble medication with a passion!


my new life!!
Has anyone managed to get the forceval in tablet form yet?
Due to manufacture problems,I cannot get the doctor to prescribe anything that's similar to it.


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forceval soluble nausea

Oh yes, I have had exactly the same problem! I got scant sympathy or information when I contacted Forceval to ask when capsules might be available again. Customer service told me that 'it is quite normal to experience nausea after taking Forceval' despite my saying that it was the smell and the taste of the soluble product that was making me gag. They had me fill in an 'adverse reaction' form in which I was quite blunt about the revolting nature of the soluble product. Despite reassurances that capsules would be available at the end of August we are heading into mid September with the same message displayed on the Forceval website saying that there is a 'manufacturing delay'. It took weeks before they even bothered acknowledging that there was a problem.
The best advice you are likely to get on a substitute product is to visit the pharmacy department of your best independent chemist (Boots are rather random with their helpfulness). They will be able to recommend the next best thing for you, because if you are anything like me, you will have had to steel yourself more and more to even open the lid on the tube of Forceval soluble, without gagging.