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funding request


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Have any of you managed to get your GP to do a individual funding request for the pct/ ccg to paying for the plastic surgery post wls?

I was talking to one of the plastic surgery consultants and he has written down for the process to get a referral, I was just wondering how long you had to wait to hear if you had the funding or not.

I am going to start saing up as much as i can each month towards my plastic surgery fund because i also want to get my arms sorted aswell, but want to get a tummy sorted.

If any of you were successful how long did you have to wait from hear from the to confirm funding etc.


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Hi can you tell me did you getting funding for plastic surgery after WLS on NHS if so how did you go about it.


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I have decided to go privately for my tummy tuck. I spoke to one of the plastic surgeons at work who told me what I would need to get the GP to say on the referral letter / funding request. I was told by them that they like you to be weight stable for at least 2yr post surgery, ideally have a bmi of 30 or below, there were a couple of other thing that I can't quite remember ( thats in my local area, which ever area you are in may have different criteria)

I spoke to the surgeon and saw him briefly and he said I would need the flure die lys tummy tuck, he asked when I was looking at getting it done i said the end of october beginning of november 2016 ( i will be two years post surgery by then) he was happy with that. I will contact him in a couple of months to see when he wants to see for my first consultation i thinking it will be early summer time.

I would say if you want to approach your GP then go fo it, but be prepared for a fight with the pct/ccg's who have the say who gets funding and who doesn't, good luck and go for it


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It's me again, I had to re register as forgot all my log in details etc. Well had the tummy tuck done in oct 16 and am really pleased with the results of a fab surgeon who performed it.

The first week or so after the op was really hard not being able to do certain things etc, you find different ways of copping. I was of work for eight weeks in total due to one little part of the scar taking longer to heal up, it was the
T junction part of the scar that took the longest to heal, I was warned that there risks of delayed healing.

I am thinking about getting my arms lifted in the late part of next year aswell as possibly my back fat sorted aswell.