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Got first appt ..anyone got info?

Hi everyone,
I'm all of a dither as have an appointment friday at St.Thomas's in London....and just can't find anyone who has been sent to this clinic...am really worried it's not what I think it is.
All I know is that it is a referral for WLS and am seeing Mr. Botha .

Just want some info as what to expect on first appointment?
Anyone had an op there??
Thanks xx
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ooooh errrr...am posting all over the place ! Not sure where I should be!

It does seem that nobody has been referred to St.Thomas' !!
How can that be? I keep re-reading my letter like a woman possessed! Why am I the only person on here going to Tommy's !!:eek:
Starting to think I have it all wrong but, letter states that if I am referred for surgery I will have pre-op assessment same day.

Sorry to keep on , it must be nerves kicking in!


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Don't panic, Jax ... I am a minority too. There are very few of us in Sheffield on here but the hospital has a very busy schedule, it just means not everyone logs online. Just attend your appointment & take it from there xx :)