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Had GB ten years ago, hubby's having the same surgery next week!


Hi All! I'm Liesa (Lisa) and husband is Steve he's 62 and i'm also as of next week... we've been married 42 years and have 6 kids and 12 grandkids

my husband Steve is having a gastric bypass down at St Richards in Chichester, this has been ongoing since Nov 2018, my husband is type two diabetic but uncontrolled, last year he had a bad spell with racing heart and he looked dreadful he was sent to local hospital to us and was kept in for three nights, more medications and an ablation process a few weeks later.... but now his turn has come to go for GB, he is excited and I'm really quite scared.... I've tried talking him out of it but i have accompanied him to every appointment, and sat with him whilst doing speaker call during Covid with the team... but here we are, we're almost a week into his liver shrink diet... good job he loves milk!! (was wondering if someone hires out cows;)) his surgery is 13th sept.... 2 days before my birthday!!:confused:

Bit about me.....

I had a gastric bypass 10 years ago under Kings Prof Patel, I originally lost five stone but have put on 3 stone... I still keep getting agonising stomach pain usually at night, it feels like I'm about to die... heart attack but within ten mins its gone... I swig Gaviscon I don't know why it helps, there is no acid no heartburn nothing but agonising pain right shoulder (its not gall bladder or stones) my last Dr (before we moved) advised me to call an ambulance but I feel as the pain usually goes off its not right calling them but said if the pain was still at its worst after ten mins
I've had loads of tests etc but still don't know why... Kings sorted the tests but I ended up in tears last visit several years ago and had the Prof raising his voice at me stating he gave me a tool it was up to me to use it correctly! and bang that was it...
I never had any dietician appointments at kings no counselling... nothing just checking now and then weight check along with bloods, I sooooo wished i had been under the care of St Richards team!!


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Bling Babe

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Welcome to you both, wishing hubby lots of luck with you surgery and the start of your new life (in my opinion)