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Had lipo, 12 Sep


Queen of Cats
Hi all; I'm a former Cambridge dieter. Lost about 55 lbs last year, had a sad personal loss on 1 Jan 08 and took a downward turn, put about a stone back on, so aiming to lose that and about a further stone.

I inherited saddlebags from my mom; those terrible fat deposits on the outside of my upper thighs. Could never wear straight/pencil skirts, jeans usually had to be a size larger to get past them. HATED THEM. I finally decided to get lipo on them, even though I am still working on losing weight, since even when slim I had the saddlebags.

I saved up like mad, and was referred to a superb surgeon, Mr Murphy, at a private hospital. Had consultations with several surgeons, but Mr Murphy was the most professional, didn't talk down to me, was very realistic, and I just felt I could really trust him. My expectations were very realistic; I'm 52, and will never look like 22 again :eek: , but can look better and be more comfortable!

I was admitted on 12 Sep, had my surgery that morning, and went home the following afternoon. Got my little stitches out a week later, and now go back to see him on 17 Oct for follow-up. I'm still pretty swollen, but bruising is fading slowly but surely and I'm pleased with how it has gone. We also got rid of my "muffin tops"!

If anyone has questions, I'm happy to answer as I can!

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