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tummy tuck and lipo


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heya again

sorry just got back- went on a caravan break to great Yarmouth but then off to egypt on the 10th may!!! wooooohooo

will put piccies on in the next fewdays xx

Sian xx


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hi I am new to the forum and enjoying reading all the stories, I am going back to my surgeon on Monday 19 Jan as the funding has now come through for my tt. Have lost 8st and had 2 c sections + hysterectomy so tummy one big baggy mess. If any one is interested I will come back and keep you posted as to how I get on, fingers crossed im only weeks away from new tummy!!


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Hope your tuck goes well, would love to see pics when your well enough. I am waiting to see if the NHS will fund my tuck. Fingers crossed!!!!!


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I have a huge, wrinkly, baggy tum (I could practically throw it over my shoulder!) which was a result of a 44 week pregnancy (the docs wouldn't go with my dates) eight years ago. I have since lost about three stones but the stretch marks which extend past belly button and beyond my pubes (I actually don't know where they end!). The damage as a result of my pregnancy was beyond anything I had anticipated. My GP said I would qualify on the NHS for a TT when I consulted her two years ago. But working in cancer care for the NHS, I saw how over-stretched it is, and I really felt that I couldn't ask for what is essentially a cosmetic procedure to make me 'feel' better about my looks, when there are so many surgeries for truly life-threatening conditions, required. So I can kind of understand the PCTs not prioritising cosmetic surgery, and I have now been saving avidly for the last two years to afford a TT and am hoping to have it at the end of this year. I have an area under the overhang which has become thinned and discoloured from repeated skin infections, and I really can't wait to have it dealt with. I love your flatness Sian - it is inspiring to see that your recovery has been so quick too - it would be great to hear more stories too, if anyone else has done it?