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Happy birthday and good luck!!!


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i havent seen any posts today about this so if theres any nocking about allready then please delete this
but i remembered its leesh's birthday today aswell as her surgery date so i just wanted to send her massive BIRTHDAY HUGS!!! and wish her well with her surgery! not heard anything as yet but shes probably allready had it and on her way through recovery!
is anyone in contact with her?

happy healing luv xxx


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OOOO Keeley, you're right! Leesh, we're thinking of you pet. I hope you're feeling fine now and you're all done and dusted. And Happy Birthday too honey. xxx


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Happy Birthday and all the best....................


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Happy Birthday Precious xxx

Love and hugs


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How lovely of you all. I am all done thanks and back home. Feel a bit tender but not too bad really and just very releived its all over.

Thanks for all your kind wishes.


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glad it went well for you luv - happy healing xxx


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Happy life changing birthday Leesh. Glad that you're home and alright.

Rebirth x