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Hi everyone


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I have just come from my GP who has now decided to send me for bariatric surgery at the Manor Hospitality Walsall. Can anyone give me any idea of the waiting time until surgery and what the steps are from now please?
Thanking you in advance for any help or advice.


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Hi Linda and welcome. I have no idea on NHS referrals but hopefully someone will have the information you need. Good luck


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I can't answer your question with specific information for where you are but just wanted to say hello and welcome:)


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Thank you ...I can't seem to find out anything. My GP referred me last year but it looks like I got lost in the system so I have had to start again:(


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@Linda58 ,
Sorry, I can't answer your question, as different location to where i am.
But, just thought I'd say ..Hiya, And, good luck on your weightloss journey.
Toni :rainbow:

los in it

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Just swinging by to say hello and offer you a warm welcome
Like the others above me I can't help you but I'm sure someone can


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Hello and welcome to best forum on the Internet ! xxxx


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Welcome hunni..... tbh it really depends on lots of different things lol not much help really..... its a bit like how long is a piece of string..... me personally.....from referral to op was almost 2 years but i'm way down in Cornwall + things have change a lot since then.... some are within months these days ..... i guess it depends on your circumstances and what tiers you've got to go thru. Once you've you got your first appointment it will be alot clearer.... keep checking tho, dont get lost in the system :) x x x good luck and welcome again