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I like eating out with my husband - will that have to stop?


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I am seriously thinking about having a band over the summer - want to lose 3-4 stone but can't have a balloon because I take anti-inflammatories and would have to stop them which I can't. My husband and I like to go out for lunch a lot - just us or with friends and I'm worried that it will never be the same if I'm going to sit there making others feel awkward while I eat my little something with no drink. Please tell me I've got it wrong. I can cope with the prospect of have small meals but I don't want him to feel as if he's eating alone all the time. Will I really never be able to drink with a meal again? Can I have a starter and a small glass of wine?


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I still eat out but always take a box in my handbag and take the rest home for lunch the next day! Also you will be eating and chewing everything so thoroughly that even though your eating less, he may still of finished at the same time.
You need to weigh up what will make you happier?
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You'll be fine, you will just be making better choices and not eating as much :D