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Im back and need help!


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Hi all, hope everyone is well!

I was banded on 30th April but having been on here for a while and now feel the need to come and try and get some advice and help from all you successful banders!
After 3 fills taking me up to 7.3 mls in a 10 ml band I'm still struggling :(
Haven't lost any weight and only have slight restriction, can still eat a larger than average portion and still having hunger rumbles after 3 hours of eating. (Although I do have to eat very slowly now or food will get stuck)
Don't get me wrong I think this has a lot to do with my lack of discipline aswell - not really exercising yet and trying to stick to 3 meals a day of harder texture food but it doesn't always happen and I'm tempted to eat slippery foods and have have a few drinks at weekend.

Despite this I can't help wondering if the band should be helping me to focus more? The dietician said its quite normal to not see any real changes yet but after 4 months thought I'd be we'll on my way to loosing now :( x

Thanks for reading xx


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The band is something that needs a considerable discipline for it to work in such a way as its meant to. I had a discussion with my own provider yesterday as I can still eat all of the foods and in the amounts I could pre-band - however, as they pointed out to me, because it will go through doesn't mean that I should be putting that amount of food in. And while I am still (even at almost 13 months out) still trying to find restriction, they have said that I still need to stop and re-evaluate what I am doing, even though I've lost 10 stone.

Going over what and how I eat, it was clear that my losses so far have come from my strict control from what I eat and not as a result of the band itself and the restriction that it would give. I eat and Im hungry, that feeling of hunger never goes away. As they said to me, if I was at the sweet spot of restriction it wouldn't be that way and we are now working to find that by timing the fills a bit better.

I would say that if you feel you have only minimal restriction then perhaps with your provider you need to discuss a fill or at least the situations surrounding having one.

I think you answer your own question in a way with when you say this . . .

Don't get me wrong I think this has a lot to do with my lack of discipline aswell - not really exercising yet and trying to stick to 3 meals a day of harder texture food but it doesn't always happen and I'm tempted to eat slippery foods and have have a few drinks at weekend.

If you're eating slider foods, add into the mix drinks and not following the guidelines that you've been given or focussing on band friendly foods, then the weight loss will be minimal. You know what you should be doing to get the best out of it, and it really is a case of putting it into practice along with working with your provider to get to the level of restriction in your band.

The band will not help you to focus - its a tool around our stomachs and not our brains or as I wish at times around my throat lol that focus can only come from you and working with the tool that it is.

I expressed my concerns yesterday at the fact that my band has a fair bit in it and yet I never seem to find restriction or it takes my hunger away, and they said while it kicks in for people at different limits and its hard not to compare it can take even longer to find the right place. originally they said that often most people find it much earlier than where I am, and I do find it frustrating right now as due to a weight increase while I was on holiday (having taken the month off logging and eating somewhat freely) it has been a harsh reminder of just what I can eat, and just how quick and easy it is to lose the focus. But, Im also fully reminded that the band isn't responsible for the focus - that can only come from me.


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hang in there is my best advice you have ok restriction now comes the what I call the tinkering fills where you can half half a mil or less each time till you hit your sweetspot, you need to get out of the habbit of slider foods they are a big danger as the band will never stop you eating them only you can stop yourself. im sure there will be more current banders like kat that can give you some good advice too but you are still earlish day


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Thank you for your promo replies, I have another fill in 2 weeks I forgot to mention.

Top Kay I was hoping you would reply as you are always spot on and very knowledgable with your replies.

Your right I do know where I'm going wrong but I also thought this op would really help me along the way, at the end of the day you don't spend £5000 on something that just might help a bit.

Going to make some changes and really watch what I'm eating now, and hopefully will see results soon, which will then give the incentive to carry and and start exercising more :) xx


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do you log your food? If not start doing it honestly. Seeing it down can really be an eye opener but it can help you start to make those changes.

Do you stick to certain calorie levels or protein levels? What does your provider guidelines say?

Exercise if you aren't ready to gym or do lots get yourself a pedometer and start walking -- 10000 steps a day is a good target. A resistance band is cheap and you can do reps in your own home.

Set yourself small targets. Break it down into 4-6 week chunks and give yourself a few targets such as 2litres water, or 15 mins exercise a day, or 1lb loss a week. This can often help. I'm more than happy to do this with you :)

Write down why you had the surgery. What your motivations are. Write down the positives so that if you're having a bad day you can read the good parts.

I personally feel for me, its about finding a balance with weight loss, and life. I don't see any foods as good or bad as I don't think it helps my mindset, but I am als aware of the focus I need and just how easy it can be to go off track and the negatives related to that.

Small goals to work towards, making changes in steps to get you on track, and hopefully the upcoming fill will help you too :)

Do shout if you want some extra support, am more than happy to work on some mini goals with you, to check in regularly. Support is key :)



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You have received some great advice and I don't think I can add to any of it! I just want to put out there that when I first spoke to my dieitician, she stated don't expect weightloss till month 6 - which does seem quite a way off, but maybe it's for those of us that it takes a while to get the ideal fill?

Don't lose heart, you have already worked out yourself that there are changes you can make. I would also encourage you to post more often so the people here can support you, just like Kat says - support is key.