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Im back.... Missed you all :-)


On my way................
Hi everyone....

For those of you who dont know me, im Mark. I had my bypass on 1st May 2009. Start weight of 26 stone 2lbs and got down to 14 stone at my lightest. I have since them put a stone back on over Xmas etc due to my eating and drinking habits being disgraceful.

I havent posted on here for ages and to be honest I really regret not being on here. It was due to me changing jobs and being very busy but ive missed reading your posts and speaking to you all. I know alot of us speak on facebook but it just isnt the same....

So im going to be back more often....

Some will read :cry: he has put a stone on but it really doesnt matter to me as weight is only a number! If i dont lose that weight I dont mind as long as i get fitter. Being physically fit is the most important thing and now I have rejoined the gym I know I can achieve that.....

I hope your all doing well and losing lots.

Speak to you all soon

Mark xxxxx
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Good to hear from you on here Mark :)

I'll probably not be far behind you. Looking forward to getting back in the gym and on the bike myself very soon.
Good luck losing the stone again Mate nice to see you back
Hello Mark!

Good to see you back, Im sure that stone will be off soon! x
Hi Mark,
Great to see you back and you are looking terrific...
An amazing achievement thus far and look forward to reading a lot more...

Love and hugs, Bev xxx
Good to see you back here again Mark :D Good Luck with getting that stone back off again or getting back to the fitness you want, Take care XX
Welcome back Mark, you are not the only one who enjoyed the festive season.

As you say we can all get back on the straight narrow now.

I do luv your positive attitude. x
Good to see you back Mark - this is not just a WLS thing, all the skinny girls in my office are moaning about the weight they've put on over Christmas - don't beat yourself up about it - it will soon come off!
Welcome back Mark!
Hello Mark
Welcome bk... iv not spoke to u b4 so b nice speaking to someone more experienced than myself to b honest most ppl on here r lol been on here since august I'm awaiting a date for a bypass at Birmingham heartlands hospital carnt wait xx