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I'm such a doofus!


Crazy Cat Lady ;)
So I've read other people's hospital bag list and made my own.

I was interested to read about the dry mouthspray and added that to my list.

I checked the list a couple of times and was satisfied that I had everything on it that I would need.

Then today I realised that I'd forgotten to put one of the most important items on my list - my stoma supplies.

As I have an Ileostomy, I would be completely stuffed if I went to the hospital without my stoma supplies - I can't believe I forgot to list them! Doh!


New Member
I took far too much to hospital with me but i actually liked having my own things around!

I didn't have the dry mouth spray. Only say it on here the night before and started panicking that I didn't have one but didn't need it in the end!

Good Luck!

Claire x


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I didn't need the dry mouth spray either, I just needed PJs, toothbrush, a book and clean undies. Everything else took didn't leave my bag.

Lincs Lass

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Not a doofus at all. They are 'everyday' to you and that's the type of thing I always forget x