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Information in having a band in Glasgow and cost?

Hi all,

I’m just wondering after reading through the forums about people having a band fitted in Glasgow.

I really want one though don’t fancy going abroad.

Any info on Glasgow would be great.


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If there is a Spire or Hospital group up there go on there web sites. They normally have prices for procedures

Sorry I can’t be more help


Bmi healthcare at Ross Hall are great. Definitely recommend them.


I went through hospital group and my surgery was in Bromsgrove, Birmingham.
Just checked the hospital group's website and they cover Glasgow with a clinic at the below address:

The Ingram House Clinic
5th Floor
227 Ingram Street
G1 1DA


I found the the entire thing problem free and easy. I called the clinic, booked the consultation, met the surgeon, booked my surgery date, had a call from the dietitian to talk me through the pre op (LRD = Liver Reduction Diet) diet and then went in for blood tests 2 days before surgery.

With finance, the surgery is costing around £6,000 including the £500 upfront deposit you pay to secure your surgery day on consultation.
They sort the finance out for you and everything. So easy.

I don't think its recommended to go abroad for a band because the aftercare requires band fills for a couple of years later. With THG, they include either 2 or 4 years aftercare which includes the fills.