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Iron tablets acid reflux

Miss hungry

7 stone lighter!
Hi there, I've had my band nearly 6 years and have lost nearly 8 stone. Recently my health has been rubbish and it turns out I am severely anaemic. I have been taking 3 iron tablets a day for a week now and already feel a bit better.
Problem is, last night I was woken at 4am with chest pain. I was scared I was having a heart attack, so I googled away as you do and decided I wasn't. I think it might be acid reflux as everytime I do a small burp, I can taste iron.
I'm always scared that something is going to go wrong with my band, has anyone had any experience with this? Of course I will see a doctor when I can, but there are no appointments available today and the GPs never know anything about gastric bands.


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Sorry to hear you've been poorly.

Yes it sounds like you've had an acid reflux attack and yes, iron tablets can cause that.

Best get it checked out but you could try only taking them with food. If your not already.

You might need to start taking something for the acid if it persists as reflux is not nice and could do some damage :hugs:


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I take 4 iron tablets a day due to deficiency..make sure you take yours with food as they can really rip hell out of your stomach lining! Touch would I've had no issues after 18 months but always take mine just before or just after my food...I hope you get this sorted x