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Is it just me ...?

Hello, Everyone,
I know this process can take some time, but I was just wondering about the people who had their first appointments at around the same time as me, or just after, and where they are now, in the process.
I had my first appointment with Dr. Hartland at Walsall Manor on the 5th February. I had my second appointment with Mr. Khan and went to Easibook for MRSA swabs etc on the 17th April. Mr. Khan said my file would be passed on for funding to be applied for.
Now, I know my application for funding was sent off to the wrong PCT :rolleyes:, but I was led to believe by Kim, Dr. Hartlands secretary that the forms had been completed again (!!) and were ready to go back to Tracey Lowe (!!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:!!!) for forwarding to the correct PCT.
I spoke to Sylvia at Sandwell PCT 2 weeks ago (and 2 weeks before that) and she promised that she would call me the moment she received my forms. ... I'm still waiting ............

So, back to my question: did anyone go for their appointment around the same time as me? If so, please could you tell me where you are in the system now :confused:


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Hi WW, don't know any answers but just wanted to say that I hope they get their finger out and sort out yr application x


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Sorry I don't have the answers for you...but wanted to wish you good luck.

I would definitely ring them again though...(An answer would at least put you out of this waiting misery)

Let us know how it goes....Take care



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Hi Sue,

It does seem that people who were seen around the same time as you (or after in some cases) are already on the waiting list or have pre op dates.

My first appt was 14th Jan. My op will be 26th August. To be fair, I think I was one of the very last to scrape through on the old system without a cooling off period.

My friend Strawberry twig was seen beginning of March and is now on waiting list. Rach was seen just before you and has her pre ops. I think once knightly was also around same time as you hun and I think she might be on list now as well.

I would give the hospital another ring hun and just tell them that you know of at least 3 others who were seen around same time as you that are now on list. It does seem very unfair.