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Is it okay to drink less milk than you’re supposed to?


New Member
I’m doing the milk diet, with a delicious stock cube at the end of the day!

I just cannot drink 4 pints of milk a day... I’ve had three glasses today. Is that okay? Or are you supposed to drink it all?

Hoping less is even better!


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You should be drinking it all as it's pretty much what you're living off at the moment. I've noticed when I've missed out a pint I feel hungrier and am tempted to cheat. Try little and often or, if you're allowed coffee, use it to make lattes. You can also heat up some milk and add a chicken stock cube to make a poor man's cream of chicken - which every one I've told this to goes EWWW but it's pretty tasty really. I've also made iced coffees in my blender with some milk, chocolate crusha and a spoonful of instant coffee. Quite nice, that.

Bling Babe

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You definitely should be drinking it all plus lots of water too, I set my phone alarm for every 2 hours and had a glass each time which really worked for me and I always enjoyed my chicken OXO in hot milk, glad you tried it and liked it too Okie xxx