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Its been a while


New Member
Hi all, I have not been on here for over 6 months :( However I am very very pleased with myself. I have had major family probs and my life has been upside down for the last 6 months and I have survived :D

I am proud of myself that I have not resorted to comfort eating - although I have found my new pick me up is raspberries (only 2-3) or drinking. I had my first drink tonight since my op 9 months ago and only managed 4 sips of wine! I have been steadily losing weight and started to be able to do things that I could not do before my op. My biggest achievement so far this year has been to be able to go on the rides at Chessington with my 6yr old daughter :D

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone on here as although I have not posted I have been reading what people have been posing and it has ept me going :D

Higs to all xxxxx


Shrinking Big Brummie
Well done and welcome back :D So good to stay on track through stress.

And awesome going on rides! I am going to Blackpool this summer to just the same :D