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target weight ?


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HI Ive just updated my stats and notice that most of you have a target weight , was this give by Dr's or is it just a weight you would like to be ? i have put mine as 180 about 13 stone, i am 5 10 ,so i think this would be fantastic i was nearly 24 stone .. is this a stupid question ?? lol :D
nope my doc said whatever u want to aim for.. im 5.4 so im aiming for 10 stone - mind u ive been aiming for 10 stone for years and never got there yet! x
Hey Kaycee,

I am the same height as you and was 24.7 stones when I had my Band operation. I wasnt forced to make a goal weight but I would like to be 12 stones or a size 12-14 ideally.
I think having a goal can be both good and bad. I dont want to wish time away to get me closer to my goal, however having something to aim for is always good motivation to step away from the chocolate!
my goal weight takes me to a healthy bmi, so i would really love to reach that.
My target was originally about 14st as this would be a dream come true , but working on my healthy weight for my height 10st is on the higher side but theres no way i could put lower than that feels too unrealistic. You put what you want and you can always change it as your getting closer x
Before i had my oldest daughter i lost 6 stone and was 16st 3........ and a size 20 jeans and i loved that so heck any below there would be ace
It took me ages to decide on a goal but in the end i opted to halve my weight - as i was 21st when i set off i am aiming for 10.5st/147lbs. As i'm a bit of a shortie this doesn't actually get me into a healthy BMI but i just can't imagine being lighter than that and didn't want to set myself an unachievable target. I have also set myself milestones along the way, as 10.5 seems so far off so my first one is to get to 15st/210lbs
my goal is 13 stone(ish), by the time i have a tummy tuck and all that we'll see, but if i don't get there and my body settles at say 14 and a half, then so be it, BMI charts, pah, what a pile of pap!!
I set my goal at a figure I used to a l-o-n-g time ago. At first I wasn't sure but I have been so inspired by the weight losses on here, I figured I should set myself a challenge to really work at. Aim for the moon and if you miss you will land among the stars. If I dont get to my target, I will still have lost weight, so its all good.
I thought our target was a BMI of 25.

I'm 5' 3" so thats about 10 st 3 for me - eek

Well I would have said eek once - when I was waiting for my op the dietician came to see me and told me that a 2lb a week loss for a year was just over 7st - I remember thinking "Oh that would be great I'll be between 15 and 16 st - how wonderful"

At my last weigh-in ( was poorly last week) I weighed 11st 13 :eek:

So a BMI of 25 doesn't seem so unobtainable

HOWEVER I think that will be too much and everyone's on strict instructions to tell me when too much IS too much - I think it'll be about the 11st mark so that's where I set my target

But to be honest whatever we lose is a fantastic achievement - so hold ur head high whatever you get too


Im 5ft 10 too. My initial goal weight of 12 stone 7 takes me to a BMI of 25, so just in the normal range. This is the target weight my provider has set for me too.

However I would love to get just a bit below that, maybe 12 stone but we'll see.

Maz x
hi and thanks for all of your replies, i think that i am going to leave it at 1 80 for now, as u said i can always change it if i get there and am not happy..this is why i love this site u always give sound advice xx thank you
I just kept aiming to reduce the obese catagories ie morbid obese to obese. Now overweight and hoping to get into the normal catagory soon!

I would like to get to 9st 2.5lb now I am so near as I will then be exactly half the weight I was when referred for surgery.