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Lap band surgery


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I've tried every diet in the book and every exercise going and I just can't lose my weight...In fact, I'm just gaining and gaining...I am 16stone9lbs and 5ft 5 inches....

I have spoken to my dr and he said he will give me referral for lap surgery as he knows how hard ive tried...but I can't get it publicly so I have to pay about €10,000...Its alot I know but if it gives me my life back then its worth it...

So what can i expect? I'm really nervous? Will I feel terrible after getting it done? (I've 4 small kids) When will I feel back to normal? Will I be able to eat properly? Does the weight come off quickly? What about loose skin?
The one thing that is scarying me is the fact that I would have to go into a high dependency unit for a night - why is this? Is it keyhole surgery?
If you've had it done would you recommend...its such alot of money!
Thanks in advance!


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Hi emmage and welcome to minis, I have had bypass surgery so I cant answer all of your questions but I can say that most lap band ops are performed via key hole and the reason they like to keep you in the high dependancy unit is down to your weight, there are higher risks the larger your are, but I was five stone heavier than yourself and came out fine!
There are some lovely ladies on here that have had the lapband performed and Im sure they will be along soon to answer your other questions!
Once again a big welcome!

P.s just looking at the price you were quoted for the op and its seems very expensive for a lap band, I know you have quoted euros but it still seems excesive, have you looked around for different quotes? There are some great surgeons and companies out there that people on here can recommend!


frustrated bander!
Hi Emmage, I had a lap band done in July and have no regrets at all - in one day home the next, and back to normal for me within a week but we are all different. All of my diary from pre-op to now is on here (the secret diary of a gastric bander) if you fancy a read. I paid £7500 for my band op including 3 fills and a monthly support group but you can get it cheaper than that - just depends on what is right for you. Good luck with whatever you decide - I can now eat anything I like, just in smaller quantities than before!!