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Long termers - how to get back on track?


I'm really struggling both mentally which I see a psych for and also my weight. The meds I'm on cause weight gain but I do need them. I'm trying to do protein shakes this week but failing miserably. My question to all you long termers is how do you get back on track and keep the weight off???

Caroline jess

New Member
I look at when it is I eat more in the day/ graze and try to come up with strategies for that time. For me it's the time between when I pick the kids up from school and they go to bed! I also tend to find that when I feel out of control its because I am not making enough effort on what I need but make sure everyone else has lunches/snacks etc available. If I don't have things in the fridge I can make a good choice OR make enough time to eat properly il end up skipping the meal and having a couple of biscuits and some haribo etc. I'm not a fan of tracking but I will track on my fitness pal for a couple of days without making a change to my eating habits to see the balance of what I am really eating.


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I eat as little processed food as possible and try to stick to natural foods. That helps my mood as well as my weight.


Personally I find I have to think nearly all the time about eating nutritionally . But that nasty voice inside my head still torments me to eat crisps , sweets. So I try to eat before shopping , cook from scratch , have bowls of home made soup in the fridge . Or quorn mini sausages to snack on in the fridge . Ice cold apples and ice cold oranges . When I'm really being tormented by that nasty voice e tempting me I put on head phones and turn up the music . Or go for a run / cycle / walk . Visit friends . I also go to a monthly support group and weekly SW . My heart was very poorly and despite losing ten stone it couldn't fix the damage I had done to it , I was critically ill and needed emergency open heart surgery . I never want to go through that again ( I really am the biggest whimp going ) so I rub my scar and say out loud all the things I'm grateful for . A bit cheesy I know but I really want to see my children get married and to play with my future grandchildren x