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RNY Gastric Bypass Lovely veg soup!


Come on lbs!!!
I had my op on Tuesday as this is the first food which has made me feel human again.

Mums homemade veg soup:
2 small carrots
2 spuds
Small turnip
Small parsnip
Small leek
3 leaves of dark green cabbage
1 and 1/2 knorr veg cubes
Salt pepper
Water to cover veg

Cook until soft, roughly 15 mins then throw in blender.



Come on lbs!!!
Enjoy wendy x i cant get enough lol


Love my sleeve!!
thank you!! :) x


A Very Happy Bunny
Good to see you trying to eat. hon. If you chop some egg noodles up & add to this it will give you some extra protein too ... :):)


New Member
I have to say, I mis-read the title as "lonely veg soup". Was very intrigued *lol*

the soup does indeed sound lovely, my mums been promising me her homemade soup when I'm up to it so a really good reason to get well quickly! :)