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Making an effort


New Member
Just an observation, wondered if you guys noticed this too?

I make so much more of an effort over my overall appearance since I've lost weight. I won't leave the house without makeup and hair done now!

Sometimes I wonder if this is good or bad as I seem to obsess over how I look now - whereas before I really didn't care!!

This surgery is such a psychological minefield!!



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I agree, also I have so many more clothes to choose from now, as before size 26 clothes were so ugly (in my opinion) or so expensive, so now it takes me a while to choose what to wear, also at a size 26 I felt there wasn't much point in trying for day to day as I was a mess anyway, I did my best if I was going out for something special.


New Member
I definitely do make more of an effort and have noticed that before I wouldn't have really cared about clothes/makeup unless for a special night out.

Now I find myself thinking about outfits and will always put makeup on at the weekends etc even if it's just a coffee with friends. Then I wonder am I getting too dolled up for small occasions?!!

I don't really bother with makeup for work though, not many work colleagues have mentioned my weight loss (I guess sometimes people don't know what to say without thinking they would offend) so I'm just happy enough to be more natural in work for now :)

Enjoy this stage hun, I know I am :) but my purse is definitely screaming!! I had a total splurge in MAC recently to the tune of £180quid but I felt I deserved it xx