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MGB revision from band - all booked July 1st


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so, I've taken the plunge and have booked my revision for 1st July. Paying my deposit today and booking my flights as having surgery in Belgium with Chris de Bruyne.

Going through the whole mix of feelings just as I did before, the fear of GA already in my head despite the fact I had 4 surgeries in 3 weeks a few months ago! But I can't go on like this and as the weight gain continues I'm afraid of gaining all I've lost. So this is it...


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Top cat. You will be fine. I'm having my revision in June although I'm going to Prague for my sleeve. The thing is you know the benefits that the surgery is going to give you. Once you have booked and paid change your mind set. You can't go back it's only forward from here. Good luck.


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You are right, I know that fear of GA will sit there, but I've booked, deposit is paid and the flights are now booked. Dog boarder is booked and I need to make arrangements now for my son who is soon to turn 16 but will be back here at home due to school etc.

They've been really helpful with any questions and they've put my mind at rest with regards to the fact that they will extend the bypass length in order to up the benefits of malabsorption. Even if I can get past the 13 stone which was my hitting point with the band I shall be happy and I know I can get there, I shall jump for joy at 12 st 13 as I just couldn't hit it with the band (you'd never think it was so hard to lose 1lb) but I've got to take action or else I will have gained all 12 st that I lost and I don't want to go back there.



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Hi, I'm looking into going to Belgium for a revision from band to the Mini bypass. Can I ask how much it's costing you and how to I contact the surgeon? I've emailed so many of them now for quotes.


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I booked online by emailing Belgium Surgery Services and am paying 7495 euros - they are not charging for band removal.