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Need advice and help

Charlie Fenton

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Not sure if I have posted this in the right place, so apologise in advance. Did add this to my diary entry, but want to get as much help as possible.

For those who don’t know, I am 17 months post-bypass now. I have lost 86% of my excess weight and am now 12st 7lb, but I am struggling with my eating. I keep eating food I know I shouldn’t, too quickly and too much. Think it is stress from my PhD, coronavirus and Christmas. Still been exercising and it hasn’t had an impact on my weight, but worried I will hurt myself and ruin my surgery and gain the weight back.

So I got in touch with my team the other day about feeling like I will burst after eating ‘bad food’ (I know we shouldn’t call it that) and my fast heart rate (my fitbit records a jump from 78 to 144). I also asked about whether it was true that we could stretch our pouch, as some say we can and some say it is a myth, at least in regards to it making the surgery obsolete. This is the response I got back, I know it can stretch somewhat, but does that mean I can ruin my surgery completely? 😞 terrified of that. I think the nurse also thinks I am binge eating, which I probably am, as this lockdown (I am in Tier 4 which is pretty much lockdown) and Christmas together aren’t helping. I will speak to someone about it, but feel dispondent and worried I could have ruined everything. I’m at my lowest weight 12st 7lb and haven’t gained (other than the usual pound or two that then comes back off again), as I still exercise a lot, but I’m terrified now and feel I want to cry. I have always had problems, as I have had anxiety issues, am on medication and am autistic, but this scares me. This is what the team said and just don’t know what to do: