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Post op (3yrs) help/Advice please?


New Member
Hi all,
I’m now 3.5years post op, iv gone from a dress size 24/26 to a 12/14 uk size.

My problem is iv all of a sudden started to put weight on again and I don’t know how to stop it?
I even tried going back into the old slim fast diet and actually put weight on after a week
(I weigh myself every week religiously) 😡

Is there anyone else on here who’s 3year+ post surgery and having the same issues?
If you are how are you coping? Have you managed to get the weight coming off again? Or is it a case that once your a couple of years post op that’s it and your body reverts back to how it worked pre surgery?
Any info/advice would be most appreciated, thank you


Staff member
Hi, I'll be 5 years out this year.

First of all how much weight are we talking about. Have there been any changes to what you eat and the volume, do you exercise, drink 2 litres of fluid?

My advice would be to try tracking what you eat and drink to see if you can make any tweaks.

I think its more a case that we can slip back into old habits, so a refocus can only help?