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gastric bypass

  1. oliviafrances

    Big Blood Pressure Cuffs? Help please!!

    Hello, I'm on the waiting list for a bypass but my local doctors surgery are having a very hard time finding a blood pressure cuff to fit my arm (52cm) as most cuffs go up to 42cm. Has anyone else had this problem? Myself and my local doctors are unsure what to do because they cannot get one to...
  2. S


    Hello :) I'm Soraia and I'm currently going through the process of having gastric-by-pass surgery. As you all know, the whole process isn't easy. So any support/advice that I, myself can give through the experience that I have had or advice that I can get of anyone who has had the experience or...
  3. wiccabasket

    Hello, I'm totally new to this so here goes...

    Hiya, my name is Lisa and I've just started Tier 3 at Addenbrookes hospital. I live in Suffolk, and it's taken over a year to get this far (thanks to American GPs not understanding how the NHS works, but that's a different story). I've not always been fat. When I was a teenager, I maintained a...
  4. L

    Worried about this diet

    Hi all, So coming up to a week on this LSD but i had had a couple of little slip ups. Does anyone if you get any wiggle room or have a ruined it and will have to have the surgery rescheduled? it was only little things like some crisps (3 syns on slimming world) but i am really worried now
  5. L

    Got my date - scared

    Hi all, so i finally have my date and i now need to do the LSD. i am quite nervous about the surgery, even though i am also looking forward to it. what were your biggest surprises immediately after surgery? how long before you were able to go out and about again?
  6. L

    Bypass for GERD newbie

    Hi all, So i have my Pre-Op on 5th December for Gastric Bypass Surgery. I am getting this surgery due to Gastroesophageal reflux disease and the fact my esophagus doesn't close at all. I have had this condition for around 15 years (I am 26). When I was 17 I collapsed in agony and went to...
  7. Aliyah

    Any cheap, but with good reveiws private clinics in London/essex??

    Hey, Has anyone had gastric sleeve surgery privately in london that you can recommend? X Aliyah xo
  8. Aliyah

    Vsg at beautiful beings in prague ??

    Hey, I wanted to know if anyone had surgery or going to have surgery at beautiful beings in prague, I heard alot of good things about this place, I'm actually on the nhs route but I'm thinking of going private with this place. I wanted to know if it was any good x Aliyah xo
  9. Aliyah


    Hey, I just wanted to ask how long did your journey take from first appointment till surgery?, Also I have heard that If you have a higher bmi you get surgery faster is this true? I'm 17 years old going to be 18 in May and have a bmi of 59. Thanks Aliyah xo
  10. Carby2barbie

    My Journey to find my thinner me!

    I have gained some really helpful insights and loved reading people's personal experience on there weight loss journey, so decided to start my own. It's so important to understand that no one is the same, no ones journey is the same and nor is the experience they have. Make no comparison and...
  11. Carby2barbie

    Nervous Newbie

    Hi everyone,:) Feeling really positive and reassured after having a nosey through some of the posts on here. I have one day left, until I start my liver reduction diet! Nervous is a understatement! As this is the first big step in my weight loss journey. My op date is march 16th 2017, I also...
  12. Moonagedaydreamer

    Pre-Op Assessment at St Georges

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but not to the WLS journey, I was referred for surgery in July 2014 and early in December I received an email with my Pre-Op assessment date. I actually live in Morden but I've remained registered under Wandsworth as I wanted to go to St Georges for this surgery but I...
  13. Angeline

    Wow what a journey....

    I started the WLS journey over a year and half ago now. I went to a group each week to work along side people like me that struggled with their weight and wanted to do something about it. It was such a good group with lots of lovely people who were all so unique and supportive. A couple of us...
  14. jooz0301

    Who's having an op in July/August 2016

    Mine is August 16th. Would love to share my journey with other people xx mutual support x :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  15. Samkisses

    Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve... Let's discuss

    I’m still trying to decide which would be the best option for me. At the moment I am leaning towards the Sleeve, but still a bit unsure. If you’ve had either, please let me know how you’ve got on with is post op. Pros and cons? Your feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Sami :D
  16. Ines4C

    RNY Gastric Bypass running after gastric bypass

    So eight weeks ago I joined a ladies running club and it is going great. On my own I can already run 8 k, all be it very slow, in about 1 hour and 5 minutes. I am entering a 5 k race in ten days and slowly want to improve and run longer races. My question is: Has anyone become a regular runner...
  17. LisaMay


    Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and im hoping to have a gastric bypass. I joined this site originally in April after first discussing with my doctor the possibility of bariatric surgery. It seems to have taken forever to get to this point but now things are moving! I've had 2 appointments now at...
  18. Fading Grace

    A Work In Progress

    Sorry for the crappy quality of the pics but the "Before" pics are photos that I had in the kitchen drawer and we're not digital so I had to take a pic of them with my mobile so I could upload them :rolleyes: I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to see how far I have come. At my biggest...
  19. P

    4 yr Post-Op. 175lb W/L Before/After

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVb_QzvzS6s Gastric Bypass Weightloss Success - CNN iReport
  20. South Beach

    Got pre op Date. Nerves are here!

    Nerves have come crashing down today! Hi all, I had the OGD check today at Sunderland Hospital. All went well. I am now on the 6months or less list for the Gastric Bypass due to previous health problems if there is too much internal scars they said the will perform the gastric sleeve. I...