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NHS Dudley


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Hi all

I live in Sandwell but my GP is in Dudley as we’re right on the border.
had a phone call with GP last night about my weight and he is writing a referral with recommendation for surgery as he said I meet the criteria.

I’ve had years of SW/WW, medication, fitness and group support prior to this referral being sent.

My question is what happens next? Has anyone had surgery through Dudley and knows what to expect. I’ve been sent for bloods to go alongside my referral but I’m very apprehensive about what the next steps are!

Any advice would be appreciated x


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update. I was referred to New Cross hospital but they don’t deal with surgery so they sent it across to University of North Midlands Hospital who have written to me to say that because of covid I am down for an appointment but they can’t tell me when that it yet because there is a long waiting list.
I’m contemplating going private as I don’t want to be waiting years for this to be done.
Any advice or support would be welcome!