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Pain killer pain


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Hello all - its been a long long while since I posted here so a little amout me:
I am Sally. I am 3 years post op and in that time I have had a baby who is now 16 months old. I developed late stage dumping syndrome during my pregnancy which was so severe my hospital are writing a report on my case and publishing it in a medical paper to help anyone else as there was no case as severe as mine apparently (?!)
Once my baby (Elsie) was born about 6 months after I started with a pain every few months that floored me. It was a strange pain that hospitalised me each time and moved all over my torso. It last about 5 minutes each time and lasted about 6 hours. It was like contractions during labour and came at regular intervals. I have had every test under the sun and also have investatagive surgery to see if it was a twisted bowel - which it was not.
I could tell when the pain was coming on and usually took a codein, tramadol or ibuprofen (which my surgeon prescribed) but nothing worked. Usually I was administered morphine when in the ambulance or hospital which again didnt work. The only thing that seemed to help was gas and air.
I had a headache on holiday and took a co-codamol and low and behold 10 minutes later I was writhing around on the floor with the hotel staff wanting to ring an ambulance. I did not want to go to a Spanish hospital and have to give my full medical history but I did work out that this pain was due to pain killers. I must have been exasperating my pain in the past by taking pain killers to get rid of the pain?! I had an inkling at this previously but was assured by doctors that this would definitely not be the case....seems I was right though.
I wondered if anyone else has heard or suffers with this?


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Oh thats awful for you at least you know what causes it now, your little one is beautiful, well done you xx


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Hi Sal and welcome back.

I am always telling people not to take NSAIDS of which ibuprofen is one, Unless its under Dr's orders
I have really bad stomach pains and sickness when I have taken them in the past,
I also had the same kind of reaction with Tramadol.

Are you also taking PPI (proton pump inhibitor) such as lansoprazole, omeprazole or rabeprazole, as these help protect stomach.

Miss Tickle

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Hiya Salski,
I remember you from when I was a pre-opper. seems like a long time ago now.
Sorry to hear about your pain and dumping syndrome. How did your weight loss go in the end? Nothing like a baby to unrail a diet lol ( she looks gorgeous btw!).
Anyway, welcome back. I hope you'll stick around and share your experiences with us. The support on here is, as always, superb !


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Hi guys - thanks for your replies!
I have had a private reply from someone who thinks they too suffer from something similar. They think it might be trapped wind which I have to admit has crossed my mind previously.
Im just a bit exasperated by all bloody pain! Ive had dihorreah since August last year and most days end up with a bad belly ache. Today Im sat here doubled over and its took me ages to sit and reply - Im sure its all related and Im waiting to find out if it is and more importantly what I can do to stop it!
I do take my omeprazole religiously - x2 :)
Weight wise. I got to 11.5 stone 12 months out, and got pregnant a week later. I put on 2.5 stone with the pregnancy and the hypos as I could only eat brown carbs for 9 months! I have since lost a stone of that and Im working on losing at least another half a stone in the next few weeks. I will then be trying to maintain :)
Thanks for the warm welcome back :)