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I click on my profile pic then try to upload a new photo from my phone ... it has worked previously..
And yesterday I wanted to upload some photos to my diary and the picture uploaded but you need to click on the jpg numbers next to the photo to see the image ... as I said other people have posted pics it could be a problem with my phone ?? X
I go to my name at the top right then edit avatar.

I get lost if I click on my avatar on a post for example.


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That's what I go on .... just been on it again and it says error ..
No problems thanks anyway xxx
Well I sent it to correct email came back again....


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Just noticed that picture is showing ..so I just can't change my profile pic ..no dramas thanks for your help xx

Thanks for that.

Can you try now and let me know how it goes?

Thank you,

Can my 'noms pre op diary' be moved from pre op diary thread to wls diary thread and renamed 'LittleMissNom's Sleeve Diary'

Many thanks :)
Moved it now.

Can you rename it by going to thread tools at the top of any page on your diary and edit thread.


If not I'll rename it.
Hi, can my thread June2016 surgeries be made sticky along with the others in that forum, thanks.