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Please Help so confused


Hi all.

for some reason i cant see my older post so have had to start a new one.

I am booked in for my band on 6th June. Last week i was sooo excited and could hardly wait. Today i have woken up soo unsure about going through with it.

My BMI is 34.7. Most people say i dont look massively overweight but to be honest its all from the waist down and i cover it well with my clothes and height. Alot of people have been saying to me over the last few days ohhh you dont need a band your not that big and so on. My problems come from having terrible trouble with my knees and being able to be active with my kids due to the weight i am carrying. I have approx 3/4 stone i would love to lose. I am currently edging into size 18 clothes after getting myself down to a 14 last year through Lighter Life.

I am scared and feel people are looking at me and thinking...why does she need a band and shes just vain. It has nothing to do with that. I just want to be able to go shopping and look nice and feel nice in a fashionable pair of jeans, combats etc and feel like i can run instead of hobble like a woman twice my age.

I know im rambling but i really do feel so confused about the whole thing and terrified i will regret it and people will say told you so.

Sorry to go on but i really need someone who understands what its like to talk some sense into me good or bad.




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Honestly you probably will regret it. At some point after your operation, the post op blues will hit you and you will miss/mourn your old life and way of eating. But then you will notice that you're looking better. That your feeling less pain. And that you look sexy that morning. And you'll turn the corner a little bit further every day. And the morning will come when you've not only made your peace with it but you have a little 'squee' moment when something is smaller. Or you've just run up the stairs without realising it. Or you've just done 15 minutes of exercise when your target is 10 minutes.

Confusion and fear are totally normal. And as for being too light, I am slowly coming to believe its not the weight thats the important thing. Its the way of eating. And for many of us, that mindset is unbeatable without a form of surgery.

Oh and people will say I told you so. Four months down the line, you'll blow them a kiss and flip them the skinny bird ;)


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If you did not feel unsure then you would not be normal I had a band and it was my best friend I do miss it I lost 11 stone in two years
Just take it easy and you'll be ok it does take a few fills before you get your sweet spot but then it's great
Good luck and all the best

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Relax and stay on your journey you wont regret it at Xmas honest.If you do come and give me a slap!


Thanks so much to all of you. I dont know whats the matter with me lol. I ws offered the band 2 years ago and thought no i will give it my hardest shot ever rather than go for it. Im now two years onand back to square one, nothing will fit me, my knees are worse than ever and i just feel totally miserable every time i wake up and look at the clothes that fitted me 12 months ago.

I have to just go for it and start my journey i guess. Scared tho and cant deny it but reading posts on here really does help so massive thanks to all of you.

I will be on here quite alot between now and having it done no doubt.



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its perfectly normal to feel this way,i had a band also recently and felt the same,even the first few days afterwards i regretted it but once you see the weight coming off its the best feeling EVER xx good luck xx


I can honestly say I've never regretted it. Its not been easy though and if anyone ever tells you that, they're lying! What it does do is give you some control over your hunger and enable you to choose food so that you can be healthy yet still lose weight. It also will give you this control for the rest of your life....isn't that worth it?