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Pre-op liquid diet diarrhoea?


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is this something that'll now last until I'm eating something more solid? Its foul :-( really rancid and giving my stomach cramps as well as almost uncontrollable urgency meaning a cough in my sleep was a really bad idea just now :-( :-( :-( I'm mortified. Could i take Imodium? Don't want to be blocked up for op tho!


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Ive not had this Dell so cant really help. Ive been a bit the other way to be honest! Isnt it weird how we are all different, hoe you feel better X


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Unfortunately I have always been loose, but the milk diet did make me worse.

Why dont you phone your team and see what they say as one little tablet might help.

Good luck hope you get sorted.


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Thanks so much. Its getting worse sadly but I'd not thought of calling the team and now I have I've been told I'm not allowed to have anything. Dread to think how I'll feel in a week. Don't feel safe to drive really as I'm so lightheaded but must carry on lol x x


Hi Dell

I am on 2nd week of liquid diet, not milk though - just the fluids only - oxo and sugar free jelly - on day 3 and have been light headed etc but no running to the loo.

good luck
Hiya, I am on the pre=preop milk diet and I am having the same problem, but I do know I am lactose intolerant....is it possible you are? Maybe they will let you try the lacto-free stuff...


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Poor you that is horrible. I didn't have this situation as far as I can remember, not until post-op in any case! I do hope it lets up soon. On the + side, you'll be dropping pounds very quickly! I wonder if lacto-free milk or even soya milk would be better?
Sending hugs xxx