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Pre-op Low Cal/Low Carb Menus


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Katofat asked about my menus for my pre-op low cal/low fat thing, the one I was given by Mr. Ammori. I will give run down of what I ate.

Breakfast -
3 tbsp bran cereal w/milk
Toast w/scrape of spread & small apple
Yogurt & clementine

Mid morning: piece of fruit if none for breakfast

Tuna w/light mayo or plain fat free yogurt
small salad w/tiny amount of dressing
Two egg omelette w/ mushrooms & sliced tomatoes
1/2 pita w/sliced chicken or turkey w/lettuce, tomato & tiny amount of light dressing
1/2 pita split open with sliced tomato, balsamic vinegar sprinkled, some salt & pepper, topped with sliced cheese & toasted in the oven

Mid afternoon snack (if needed):
sliced cucumber or carrot or celery w/spoon of fat-free yogurt mixed with a little mustard & tiny bit of sweetner as a dip

Baked chicken w/small amount of gravy, green beens w/dash of soy sauce, tiny new potato
*Easy chicken soup w/3 tbsp rice added
Lean lamb or beef mince, small amount of gravy & mixed frozen veg topped with one small spoon of mash
*Easy lemon yogurt chicken w/mushrooms and salad

Late night snack:
Options hot choc w/milk (whatever milk I had left over from daily amount)

*I will post these in a different thread in the recipe part.

Good eating!
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thanks for the tips on wat to eat though the way im having to wate im begining to wonder if ill ever get it done sometimes i get so fed up i fell like saying forget it but ive just seen you photos and you look absolutly fantastic and i want to look like that so i gues ill just keep wating as looking at you its obviously worth the wate. i still wish theyd hurry up though. sorry i just cant get over how fantastic you look you must feel so good


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Thank you hun, what a lovely thing to say. I hope you don't give up, it is really, really worth the wait. I waited 18 months to get my surgery and here I am 7 months later feeling on top of the world. PM me if you want to chat, I know the waiting can be crazy.