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Protein Shakes

Denise Morris

New Member
I have just been given some advice from a body builder regarding protein shakes.

Apparently instead of buying all the expensive shakes and powders, body builders use 100ml powdered milk with 200ml of semi skimmed milk, as the powdered milk doesn't have the calories to it, but does have all the protein content.

This can then be topped with a bit of crusha flavouring.

Does this sound about right?

If so, Im off to buy powdered milk tomorrow lol
Thats really useful thing to know, just checked on a tin of original Marvel powdered milk 57g serving (normally makes 1pt milk) contains a whopping 20.6g protein, guess what I'll use from now on, that rotten protein powder is now going in the bin.


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Is the Marvel powdered milk o.k to use, it seems really high in carbs?x

Mrs Quiggle

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Being extra thick here. Does that mean that if I add a couple of teaspoons of Marvel to a cup of coffee made with skimmed milk it will not only make it creamier but will provide more protein. Likewise adding marvel to a homemade pan of semolina with enrich it with protein.

Love Kate The Confused. lol.


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Gary, try adding some fat free Greek yoghurt & fresh or frozen fruit to the milk & milk powder or protein powder whichever you prefer, blitz with a hand blender & you get a delicious thick shake as a change from the crusha flavours as the sugar free ones aren't always available in all of the flavours. I tend to use a 1/4 cup of each with a scoop (3tbsp's) powder you end up with about 4-500ml of drink much more flavour & less granular (powdery) texture. You can also try drained tinned fruit (in juice of course).


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I was advised by my dietitian to add Marvel to my food post op, you can add it to mash, soups, drinks etc. I thought everyone on here already knew this. I am having my op in 9 days so i went and bought some today.


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Hi all new to this. I am two weeks post op and cannot stomach any food at all which is a worry and also not getting any protein in at all because I am still in discomfort in lower abdo area of the intestines. Thank you for all the advice about protein and think I'll try semi skimmed milk and powdered milk with a crusha essence for flavour. Even though the thought of food makes me feel sick at least this way I'll get some protein in me not sure how to get 60g in but hey ho lol


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You won't to start with just not possible gradually you'll manage a little more u til you hit that target somedays it's easy others not so depends on the foods you eat & your pouches mood. Protein shakes & bars are good for topping up on low days or a few nuts high in protein but also fat so only a small handful at a time but good to top up with.