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Remember Me!


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Just to let you know, there is an option called "Remember me" when you login. If you click that check box before you login, the site remembers who you are!

Dont use it if in a public area like a library, as you dont want the next person sitting at that computer using your account!!



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yep done it on my laptop and at work...unfortunately I used my sons laptop and forgot the password...got a new one sent to me and now all the old remember mes are incorrect...lol


Lifes a beach
Hi Pierce

I always tick the remember me button but it only keeps me logged in for about half an hour. I can be sending a message and it will have logged me out. I have to sign in almost every time I visit, its very odd because on the old minis site, im still logged in there. It is driving me a wee bit nuts wondering why it doesnt keep me signed in tbh.......you got any suggestions?

:) Ty Xx


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Do you have any security software that may be having issues with the cookies that are used to keep you logged in?

Pierce has a tutorial here regarding zone alarm and norten internet security:


Any software like, firewalls or "internet security" or even anti-malware packages may not allow you to accept the cookies that keep you logged in past 20 minutes.

This kind of software typically uses white-lists to say if a site is okay. As WLSurgery is a new site you will have to add it.

Hope that helps?

Love Mini xxx