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Restriction - please explain!


I'm 6 months banded and not losing weight. I've got another dietician appointment on Thursday and so far I've got 6.25mls in a 10ml band.

I feel like I can't eat much when I eat a meal and especially when I eat out, I leave lots on the plate. My dietician reluctantly agreed to a 0.25ml fill 3 weeks ago as I hadn't lost any weight over the summer - actually played around with 1kg. He thought it was old habits creeping back so I was looking forward to losing weight.

Can someone please explain what restriction feels like and at what stage in their band fills did they feel restricted.


Staff member
Pardon the pun but restriction really is a moving feast!

For instance I felt it right from the start and then to varying degrees after each fill.

What sort of things are you eating, if you give some examples we may be able to advise what worked better for us.

COuld the dietician be right, are old habbits coming back?