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salford/spire patients..advice needed HELP!!


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hello everyone,
Ive posted recently,but still unsure about a few things.
Ive had a letter asking me to choose a hospital either salford or the spire.
spire patients have mentioned when go go to the pre op assessment,you can still be refused the operation and the hospital apply for further funding??
but in salford if you choose this as your hospital,what happens at the pre op assessment?
and can they turn you down too for the operation?
I did ring the salford and they told me If i choose salford mr ammori,would be the surgeon to do the operation(but people say theres no guarantee),and whats the wait time at salford.
My next thing i have to do now is go to my local gp and fill out the form of the hospital of my choice.
Does anyone know how long it takes to get ops done at salford?and is there any chance I could still get refused here?
Im just needing info to make my choice...many thanks x


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Hi Emma Louise,

I was done at Salford but it's been a while now, well nearly 8 months ago. That was also the time Salford were bringing in the one stop stuff so I am not too familiar with the process now. However from being seen by the Consultants Drs New/Syed to operating room was just under 8 months in total. At the time, I believe there was a backlog of ops to complete. Hopefully someone will come along who begun their process after the one-stop system was introduced to see if the waiting times have reduced.

The pre-op assessment basically looks at whether you are fit for surgery. They will do an ecg, take swabs for that hospital bug (can't recall it's name) weigh you and take bloods etc. Sometimes it may be that people are considered unfit for surgery therefore no surgery date is set until whatever condition that prevents surgery has resolved. Just a note however, surgery can be aborted while you are on the operating table. When I went in, a third gastric bypass operation on the day was aborted because once cut, the surgeon discovered that the lady had a condition of the liver which needed treatment before surgery could be safe.

There are other surgeons working with Mr Ammori at Salford and they are equally skilled. They have the benefit of working with the man himself so do not rule them out.

I read your other post and it sounded like your funding has already been approved. To confirm this contact your local PCT for your funding status. I know Salford applied for my funding on the day I met the consultants and two weeks later the funding was confirmed.

Hope you you get to your surgery soon.


my new life!!
thanks rising sun,

I have rung the pct and its just the funding for an assessment I have at the minute..im still reading forums to make a choice.


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Hi Emma Louise,
I chose to have my op with Spire as I live in Blackpool and it would be easier for me, where do you live? At my pre op assessment I met the surgeon, dietian, ecg, blood tests, swabs etc and there was no mention of not going ahead with the surgery or funding. I signed the paperwork and was told surgery would be within 6 weeks, te next dayI got a phone call to say my surgery was 2 weeks later, I am now 3 weeks post op. I have to say the staff at Spire were amazing they were so nice and poilte, I experienced no problems dealing with them. I hope this helps with your choice.


my new life!!
hi there,

I have been to the doctors,and chose salford as the hospital,ive thought seen as though ive had all my appointment here,i should stay there..but really if im honest im still unsure as the wait list is much longer.


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I had my first appointment a few weeks ago and It was explained to me that because i was out of area I had to be attending salford for 6 months until my funding would be released. It depends on your local PCT criteria.


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I would be very careful about Spire.
I read in the daily mail Quote " Head Bariatric nurse Kath Rothwell will turn people
away if they have put on weight since there gp refferal in order to have weight loss surgery".unquote
The pre op is no walk in the park if you,ve had an eating disorder or seen a phychiatrist.

They like to do bog standard patients fat all there life with for example diabetes
If you,ve had mental health problems around food
You could be trouble.