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Salt and sugar


New Member
Since my op i still have my half sugar in tea but only a tiny bit, but have gone from covering everything i ate in salt to non !!!!! Must be a good thing, wonder if its because we go so long on liquids our taste buds become much more efficient ???


New Member
straight after op i found sweeteners too sweet and would only have one in tea.. and i could only handle half an options hot choc sachet... but now 13 weeks on i have two sweeteners and the whole hot choc sachet... but i dont have any deserts x our tastebuds do change i think.. i still love salt on my food though but dont use as much as i used to x


Everything tastes too sweet now its making me gag :( My op was on Monday and I am craving savoury! Soup made with milk is sweet there must be some savoury protein somewhere?

Suggestions gratefully received :)