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Sleeping bag fits!!


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2 years ago a group of us hired a cottage for a long weekend for a friends 40th we decided sleeping bags would be easier as a few girls would be sharing double beds (Had to bring your own bedding)

So the weekend before I popped into Tesco and grabbed a sleeping bag, ok I only bought the cheapo value one as it was for this weekend only, thank goodness I had been given a single bed as when I tried to get into the sleeping bag it wouldn't zip up - far from it, good job it was a warm weekend as I had to unzip the sleeping bag and have it over me like a quilt.

Just been sorting out the bedroom ready for decorating and I spied the hateful sleeping bag all rolled up in its carry bag and at the time I was sure Teso had made a mistake and put a childs bag inside the adults outter carrybag, so to prove a point I tried to get into it, its fine - it was me - I really was that big :cry:
Fab Story !